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Kristin Irby Photography has been photographing families and wedding couples in the Memphis & surrounding areas since 2007. We are an on-location photography studio, meaning that we will meet you at your home or a park in the area for your portrait session. KIP specializes in newborn, children & family photography. We love to capture that special moment and document a family just being themselves! Some posed shots are a must, but the photos that I love the most are the natural ones I catch of you just enjoying each other!


Portrait Sessions:

We book all day on Saturdays and during the spring thru fall when we have the sun till late in the day; we book on week day evenings around 5:30. A portrait session lasts approximately an hour, with newborn sessions usually being a little bit longer.  

Before each session I like to have correspondence with you via email about what you have in mind for your upcoming shoot. I have an extensive amount of props for each age group and I love to have your input on what you are looking for so that I can bring the perfect prop! Whether you have older children who don't need much, a newborn where we will need lots of soft furry blankets and hats, or a very mobile 2 year old I will be chasing after to catch all those fun expressions - I have the perfect props to add to your background and photos!


Newborn Sessions:

A newborn shoot is best within the little one's first 2 weeks of life, with the first 7-10 days being the very best.  During this early time of your baby's life, your little one will still be sleeping most of the day & that deep sleep will allow us to pose him or her in the most perfect cuddly positions! I have recently revamped KIP in preparation for our newborn shoots. We have just added many wraps, fabrics, props, backdrops, headbands, bonnets & baby boy hats! And we are adding more every day! During your newborn shoot we will focus on photos of him or her posed on various fabrics & in front of backdrops using props such as baskets & blankets. These newborn sessions can take place in your home or mine & our correspondence is good especially in newborn sessions so I can be sure and bring any certain colors of wraps/blankets & accessories you like!  Sessions that take place at my home studio will allow for many more options and props. A lot of my unique props are large, and space is limited when bringing to your home. If you are expecting and wanting to book a newborn session with us, please email now, to get a tentative date on our books. This can always be adjusted. Check out our newborn studio tab for photos of some of the great new KIP photo props!



When looking for your Wedding Photographer, the best advice I can give, is to find a photographer that "gels" with you. You want to find one that suits your taste & your style, and one that you are comfortable with! And if there is one thing I know, it is how important this day is to you! I know what a special day it was for me the day that I got married...and in my opinion, finding your photographer is the most important person you hire for your wedding day. Your photographer is the one whose sole purpose is to "capture every moment" & they will be able to supply you with the images for you to look back at over a lifetime & to cherish. What I also know, is how awesome it is to find that special someone that you love with all your heart. And when you find him/her, you want to shout it out! Let me be there on your special day to catch all your memories as you and your special someone start your new life together! 


After all KIP sessions, great care is taken when selecting the very best images. The process of selecting & editing your images will take approximately 2 weeks. Once your proofs are ready, I will email you instructions where these will be available on a proofs site for you and your friends & family to view.

Please feel free to email me directly if you have any questions and I hope to have the opportunity to photograph your family & capture your memory soon!